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Learning To Research

We have added links to this page of some of the articles, news reports, medical journal papers and controlled studies that we have been reading.  The page is always changing as we add new items.  Check back with us to see what is new.


There are so many more research papers being published each month and we would like each of our readers to know how to find research papers and studies that concern Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.  To find these resources, you can visit the two websites below.  If you want to know if your symptom or condition or your patient's symptom or condition, such as "Anxiety", could be caused by a particular pathogen, such as "Bartonella", type in the following on the "Search" bar of one of these websites:

Bartonella and anxiety

In other words, in the Search bar of these websites, type in the name of a bacteria, virus, parasite, etc., the word "and", and a symptom or disease.  Here are some other examples:

Lyme disease and headaches

Toxoplasmosis and dementia

Borrelia and ALS

Or, for a broader look at resources available to read, just simply type in the

topic you want to research, such as:   Lyme disease   or   Lyme disease and testing

This section is still "Under Construction".  Please check back for updates.  Thank you!

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
Lyme Disease Association
Global Lyme Alliance
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